Opening Lecture at the 23. European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting


Michael Wagner presented recent findings about comammox and other aspects of nitrification in his opening lecture.

Michael Wagner gave the opening lecture at the 23. European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting, which took place from Septemer 19-21 (2018) in Alicante, Spain. Michael presented about the discovery of comammox organisms and recent insights into their biology, such as the affinity towards the substrates ammonia and nitrite. In addition, his lecture addressed other current topics in nitrification research including alternative metabolisms of nitrifiers and extended interactions between ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizers via "reciprocal feeding".

At the same conference, Holger Daims presented in a talk first data on the production of NO and N2O by comammox, which resulted from a study being conducted in the Comammox Research Platform.

The European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting is an annual conference where experts exchange novel insights into the biochemistry, physiology, and ecology of denitrification, nitrification, anaerobic ammonium oxidation, and other nitrogen cycle processes.