Kick-Off Event of the Comammox Research Platform


The Comammox kick-off event focused on the environmental implications of nitrogen pollution and on the scientific goals of the research platform.

The Comammox Research platform was inaugurated with the kick-off event on March 14, 2019. Following the welcome speeches by Jean-Robert Tyran (Vice Rector, University of Vienna) and Arndt v. Haeseler (Head, Centre for Molecular Biology), Jim Prosser gave an entertaining keynote lecture on the environmental issues of nitrogen fertilization and how this affects soil ammonia oxidizer communities. The Comammox Research Platform, its structure and scientific goals, was then presented by Holger Daims and Kristina Djinovic-Carugo. The lecture hall bubbled with excitement during an electronic quiz on nitrogen, which was chaired by Michael Wagner - and the lucky winner will enjoy a day and night in a Styrian thermal spa resort. Congratulations, Bela! Finally, the participants enjoyed a get-together with vegetarian delicacies, beer, and wine.

We want to thank all participants for their contribution in making this event a full success.

Pictures in the gallery were taken by Marc Mussmann.